The simple idea that changed the world of load testing.

Up until the 1970s, it was common practice to use solid weights to test the safe working loads of cranes on North Sea oil and gas installations.

At the end of that decade, Water Weights first developed WATER WEIGHTS® water-filled proof load bags as an alternative. They were safer, more flexible and - as the bags themselves are only around 2% of the total load when filled with water at site - infinitely easier and cheaper to ship and store.

The innovation that was WATER WEIGHTS® soon became the method of choice for the whole industry. Since then, our company has built on that initial success and expanded its expertise. We now offer a wide range of associated services and engineering project management. Our customer base now includes defense, construction, process, power and utilities, and marine and shipping industries, as well the oil and gas business where we originally began.

Our products are used for marine as well as industrial and engineering applications. Water Weights also stocks a large quantity of standard and non standard load and strain measurement equipment.

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