Make Inspection Certificates an Asset Rather Than a Liability


"Crane surveyors (inspectors, certifiers) are usually required to provide some record of the inspection/testing that they perform. This record is usually in the form of a certificate testifying as to the condition of the crane. The information contained on the certificate may be either an asset or a liability to the surveyor. On the asset side, the certificate can clearly define the scope of the inspection/testing and state the limitations involved, thereby specifying the limits of responsibility for the surveyor. On the liability side, an incomplete or inaccurate certificate leaves the surveyor subject to assumptions about the thoroughness of the inspection and, subsequently subject to potential lawsuits.

It is most important to demonstrate due diligence and a reasonable standard of care in order to make the inspection certificate an asset rather than a liability. Due diligence means that the surveyor has used the methods and practices that a reasonably competent practitioner would employ for the task, and reasonable standard of care means that the surveyor has exercised the level of care that is typically expected in the industry. The certificate may be the only indication that these standards were met if the quality of the inspection is ever questioned. Make sure your certificate is an asset, not a liability."


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